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Gowan Motors - The Cost of Disrepair on a Motor Vehicle


Servicing your car regularly can save you money. 


Cars serviced to manufacturer guidelines usually have:

  1. Longer engine lifespan whilst suffering fewer breakdowns

  2. Consume less fuel 

  3. Higher resale value

Skipping a scheduled service could save money in the short term but cost you in the long term. The risk of causing harm to you or other road users increases incrementally also. 



Regular servicing is recommended by the manufacturer to ensure that critical elements of the vehicles mechanics are analysed and maintained in perfect working order. As an authorised service franchise dealership Gowan Motors has trained technicians to ensure the best possible service is received by all customers. During the ownership period of any vehicle we recommend as a minimum to visit our technicians at least once per year. For those covering extended mileage, the recommended service intervals are typically more frequent. 


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