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Terms & Conditions – Value My Vehicle


Intended use of our Trade-In Valuation Tool

Our website contains a valuation page designed to allow customers obtain a fair valuation for their vehicle as a trade-in towards the purchase of a new or used car from us.

Any valuation generated on our website through the use of our valuation tool is based on the information you provide to us about your car and is binding with the following assumptions we make about your Car:

  • it has a valid NCT;
  • you are the registered owner of the vehicle and own the vehicle outright;
  • there is no outstanding lease, finance or other debt associated;
  • it has a valid NCT certificate;
  • it is mechanically sound with no underlying mechanical faults;
  • it has never been crashed or written off;
  • it has never been used for commercial purposes (taxi, driving school, rental car or emergency services);
  • it is a right-hand drive car registered in the Republic of Ireland;
  • all electrical components and technology such as centre console and driving aids are in perfect working order;
  • the vehicle must have a running engine that can start using the key and idle without interference
  • it has two sets of functioning keys available;
  • a Vehicle Licencing Certificate for the vehicle is supplied;
  • the vehicle is not subject to any liability due to VRT or VAT obligation under the disabled driver or transfer of residency scheme;

You have the option at the Trade-in Valuation presentation page to amend any of the Assumptions and provide us with some further detail about your Car.

Our Trade-In policy involves a physical inspection of the vehicle before any final agreement to accept it as part exchange for a new or used vehicle.

Upon physical inspection of the car, if it is considered that the online valuation provided is inaccurate because of the history or condition of the car which we were not aware of when we gave the online valuation, the trade-in valuation may be different from the online valuation. If there is any additional electrical or mechanical enhancements or modifications to the vehicle that were not obvious to us when the valuation was provided, these may also cause the valuation to change.

Price Promise

Following inspection of your trade-in the Valuation provided to you will be valid for 5 days. 

If there is any unforeseen circumstances and the valuation is subject to a significant price change before the end of the 5 day validation period, we will contact you promptly to keep you informed of the changes.

Please also refer to our privacy policy on http://www.gowanmotors.ie/privacy-policy



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