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Value & Quality - A Perfect Combination

With Service from €199.99 the service team at Gowan Motors understand the need to provide value for money and affordable servicing. However, we don't just have great prices; our quality of work is always delivered to the highest standards.

Don't Risk It!

A complete service history from Gowan Motors will ensure your vehicle is maintained to the highest level and also increases the resale value of your car. Don't risk missing a scheduled service or using a non-authorised repairer.

Maintain the Value of Your Vehicle

A regular and consistent service history from Gowan Motors, will save you time and money, protect your investment and ensure a higher premium when it comes to trading in your vehicle.

Express Service Available

60 minutes
While you wait
Qualified Technicians
Refreshments & Wi-Fi available in our waiting area

Early Bird Options

Service Open from 8 A.M. 


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