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Opel Astra From €28,695
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The New Opel Astra at Gowan Motors

There really is no chance of mistaking the New Opel Astra for another car. The bold and distinctive design makes it stand out from the crowd with every line and curve making it clear that this is the future of driving.  There’s no need to compromise to get a thrilling drive every day, stylish looks, low running costs and innovative technology. A dynamic range of low-friction turbo-charged powertrains in petrol and high-efficiency diesel coupled with exceptionally smooth, sophisticated transmissions create a surprisingly responsive driving character. Get ready to go further with the new generation of Astra with 2.9% Finance

Brilliant from Every Angle

The purest design is clean in line and execution, which is why everything down to the finest details of the new Opel Astra is efficient and perfectly balanced. Sharply precise German proportions follow a compass principle where even energy-saving rear LED lights perfectly harmonize with the visual axis.  

Face the Future

You’re face to face with the boldest hatch around. Where other cars would have an everyday grille, the Opel Astra features the signature Vizor®. This striking panel is pure German form-follows-function design, sleekly integrating front-end devices, sensors and functions into a single smooth sweep. 

Intellilux Pixel lights

The Opel Astra features the latest IntelliLux® Pixel lights. New and improved, this system is a leap forward in headlight technology, a step up even from previous IntelliLux generations. It radically improves visibility via an increased number of 168 individually adaptive LED segments that provide permanent glare-free high beams which automatically adjust to avoid dazzling oncoming drivers.


The Astra's Intelli-HUD (Head-up Display) feels truly futuristic, projecting essential information directly onto the windscreen and comfortably into the driver's field of vision. This latest generation of Opel’s HUD technology extends the projection field and enhances resolution, and can be set to show different pages linked to the Instrument Panel, including pop-up alerts, incoming call and media information. 

Intelli-Drive 1.0

This system combines the capabilities of three of Astra’s most technologically advanced features to give you unparalleled command and control of your journey. Intelli-Drive 1.0 integrates Lane Positioning Assist (LPA) which allows Astra to gently correct steering to help you more stably stay between the lanes. It also includes Lane Change Assist, which lets you know if another vehicle is quickly approaching you from behind or driving into your blind spot, plus Rear Cross-Traffic Alert which warns you of anything approaching while you’re reversing, including cyclists or pedestrians, from as far as 40 meters away.  


The Intelli-Vision activates automatically when you put Astra into reverse (or on-demand) and uses four cameras placed around the car. The HD and real-time images are the best support to check the surroundings of the car. Switch between individual cameras to get a clear view of any approaching cross-traffic and make parking in even the snuggest spots a breeze. 

Ergonomic Active Seats

The new Opel Astra’s Ergonomic Active Seats1 bear the AGR2 (Campaign for Healthier Backs) seal of quality. With numerous adjustment options, including positionable headrests, electronically-adjustable lumbar support, and extendable thigh support, these seats are not only outstandingly comfortable but support a healthy posture for long-term driver and passenger wellbeing.

Heated Features

Defrost and defog quickly and efficiently with a ThermaTec® Heated Windscreen1. Enjoy heated front1 and even outer-rear seats2, plus a heated steering wheel3 for a warm, comfortable grip on cold mornings. 

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Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss our flexible financing options or if you would like to book the Astra for a test drive.

High-Tech, Digital Driving Zone Opel Pure Panel
Unique German Design with the New Opel Vizor Sharp, Distinctive Design
Technologically Advanced Features Intelli-Drive 1.0
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