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Opel Astra From €25,945
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New Astra | Official Opel Dealership

The best offers available on the new Opel Astra at Gowan Motors | 2.9% Finance & Competitive Trade-In allowances. The latest version of the Opel Astra has been re-designed from the ground up to deliver a sporty yet practical and technologically advanced hatchback. The premium interior helps to differentiate the New Opel Astra from other marques. The award winning compact car is available, including delivery charges for €25,945 in the SC model trim. The 1.2L turbocharged petrol engine delivers up to 145bhp and the 1.5L diesel options deliver strong torque numbers and up to 122bhp. The New Opel range is delivered with the 3 Year / 100,000km warranty with optional warranty extensions available too

Power & Efficiency

The most efficient Opel Astra ever developed, now more than 19% more fuel efficiency than previous models due to technology upgrades in the engine and fuel consumption. Get the best of performance that most mid-sized family hatchbacks have to offer with the 1.2L 145bhp petrol engine, an exciting drivers car with excellent handling and driving charachteristics to match the performance. 

Premium Comfort

Opel Astra has an ergonomic driving position that has been refined meticulously over the previous generations to deliver a comfort unlike any other mid-sized hatchback in it's class. The sporty ambitions of the New updated Astra are experienced in the drivers seat with generous lumbar support instilling confidence and comfort. A wide range of adjustability is at the core of the Astra interior allowing the driver to customise the seating position to best suit their height, size and driving style. 

Dual-Zone Climate Control

Interior features on the Astra are typical of larger family saloon or even SUVs. Most Astra models available in ireland will come with dual-zone climate control available. Additional comforts such as heated seats, heated steering wheel and driver assist features can be arranged by our sales executives at Gowan Motors. 

LED Wing Headlights

Distinctive 'wing tipped' headlights complete the aggressive design features at the business end of the Astra. The daytime running lights are specced as standard on all models and the LED headlights reduce glare that is exposed to other motorists. 

Active Brake Assist

The Astra will actively prevent accidents by applying the emergency braking system at speeds below 30km/h to bring the car to a complete stop. The system will recognise both pedestrians and other cars and apply the required braking force as necessary to minimise the risk of low speed accidents. The system can also help reduce motorway speeds by 50km/h to reduce the impact passengers are exposed to in the case of an accident. Other safety features include lane departure warning and lane keep assist through which the steering will actively help centre the vehicle in lane on motorway journeys. 


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