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Gowan Motors - How To Check Screenwash and Wipers


Whilst not essential it will aide the cleaning process of the wipers in poor driving conditions.
Topping up your washer fluid with water only is perfectly fine. Be aware in sub-zero temperatures it may not dispense properly. 

Wiper Blades

Excessive streaking on the windscreen is a strong indication that wiper blades require replacement. 
Gowan Motors stock all leading brands of wiper blades. 
Wiper Blades can be replaced quickly while you wait or as part of a service.


The importance of topping up screenwash is unparalled, especially in Winter driving conditions. Without water or screenwash mix in the container, road dirt or sludge could freeze to the windscreen drastically impairing driving conditions. If you are unsure about how to check your wiper blades or your screenwash a member of our aftersales team will happily demonstrate the correct procedure in person. Alternatively, the video above from the Road Safety Authority of Ireland is an excellent reference and the process for all marques is the same. 


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