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Honda CR-V

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The CR-V is an SUV ready to bring you wherever life takes you. As the fifth generation of the World's Best-Selling SUV, the CR-V’s design evolution means every detail has been enhanced. From its distinctive, bold styling to its confident new stance, it truly is our most refined CR-V yet.

The CR-V’s bold styling comes from our Engineer’s passion to constantly improve performance. So they created a lower, sleeker body shape that not only conveys a confident SUV capability, but also improves aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.


All You Need to Know

The intelligent 7 inch touchscreen Display Audio connects you to your music apps, and more with a simple tap. All without distracting you from your journey. 


The CR-V can tackle some of the trickiest road conditions

We’ve thought carefully about how you use your 4WD (Optional). Our innovative 4WD system boasts better fuel economy as it only fully engages when wheel speed sensors detect loss of traction. That way you get maximum grip when you need it, without wasting unnecessary fuel when you don’t.

Optimum traction, stability and manoeuvrability are built into the whole CR-V range. That's because they feature as standard in our innovative Vehicle Stability Assist system (VSA), which includes several advanced driving systems to make the road that little bit safer.


This pack includes all the safety features of the Advanced Driver Assistance System Pack; along with Collision Mitigation Braking System, intelligent-Adaptive Cruise Control and our Lane Keeping Assist System. Honda SENSING can help you sense things you might miss when you’re driving – not only vehicles, but pedestrians as well. It helps you avoid an accident by giving you visual and audible warnings, and if necessary, applying automatic braking. 


Interior Options

Leather isn't just black - Choose from a range of colours to suit every taste – each with a combination of perforated and non-perforated finishes. Available on S and SE grades.


 The Engine of The Future


Honda's Warranty 

3 Years or 100,000 kilometres whichever comes first


Terms & Conditions apply, for further details on Warranty contact our Sales Department



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Honda CR-V


Price & Emissions
Car Version Price CO2 Emissions Road Tax Tax Band
CR-V 1.5T 2WD 180 Comfort €34,200 390g/km €155 C
CR-V 1.5T 2WD 180 Lifestyle €36,200 390g/km €155 C
CR-V 1.5T 4WD 180 Lifestyle €39,700 390g/km €155 C
CR-V 1.5T 4WD 180 Elegance €42,700 390g/km €155 C
CR-V 1.5T 4WD 180 Executive €45,700 390g/km €155 C
CR-V 1.5T 4WD 200 Lifestyle CVT €41,700 570g/km €169 D
CR-V 1.5T 4WD 200 Elegance CVT €44,700 570g/km €169 D
CR-V 1.5T 4WD 200 Executive CVT €47,700 570g/km €169 D
CR-V 1.5T 4WD 180 Lifestyle 7 Seats €41,000 390g/km €155 C
CR-V 1.5T 4WD 180 Elegance 7 Seats €44,000 390g/km €155 C
CR-V 1.5T 4WD 200 Lifestyle 7 Seats CVT €43,000 570g/km €169 D
CR-V 1.5T 4WD 200 Elegance 7 Seats CVT €46,000 570g/km €169 D
CR-V 1.6 i-DTEC 2WD SE €33,275 200g/km €120 A4
CR-V 1.6 i-DTEC 2WD ES €36,195 200g/km €120 A4
CR-V 1.6 i-DTEC AWD EX €46,685 280g/km €140 B2


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