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What is a timing belt?
The timing belt is a cruical part of your cars engine that controls the timing of its moving componants, including the crankshaft, camshaft and valves. It is essential that it is not allowed to deteriorate.

Why get your timing belt checked?
The timing belt is made of a rubber based compound, which means it, will deteriorate over time due to wear and requires periodic checking.

What will happen if your timing belt breaks?
If the belt breaks it will cause the engine’s parts to collide causing significant damage or the possibility of complete destruction of the engine, resulting in an expensive repair or possibly leading to an engine replacement. 

When does a timing belt require replacing?
It is essential that your timing belt is replaced in accordance with the manufactures specifications.

Please refer to your owners hand book or ask any of our service advisers who will be happy to assist you with replacement intervals and costs.


Timing Belt with Water Pump from €300.00 incl VAT.

Timing Belts without Water Pump from €200.00 incl VAT.


To order your timing belt service please choose your preferred Gowan garage:

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